Hand Sanitizer (Liquid)

Personal Hygiene Sanitizer
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Min. order 400 lbs
Sample size 25-200 grams

Description and Uses

Hand Sanitizer is an antiseptic that most commonly comes in liquid form and is used to fight bacteria off of the hands. Hand sanitizer is used by both the general public and in the healthcare community in an effort to decrease the spread of infections.The reason being that hand sanitizer is much more effective at killing germs than traditional soaps are, with an effective rate ranging from 70% to 99.99% or higher depending on the concentraition level of the alcohol contained within the hand sanitizer.

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oil drums


– 1 Gallon Bottles

– 2.5 Gallon Jugs

– 5 Gallon Pails

– 55 Gallon Drums

– 300 Gallon Totes


  • USDA rated E3 Hand Sanitizer
  • Complies with WHO Requirements