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Change global unpredictability into certainty. Work with a team that works around the world. Want to control the supply chain?

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Graham gets me what I need, when I need it — and even helps me plan around market demand and supply chain disruptions.”


The Supply Chain Is Complex. We Make It Work For You.

You know that the supply chain can be disrupted at any time…but that doesn’t change your customer demands. That’s why you need a partner who can navigate complexity, prepare for uncertainty, and plan in advance so you aren’t left short.

You have a business to run. You need your materials on time, no matter what is happening in the world. We’ve built a system that serves your market and keeps your business running.

How do we do that?

A Worldwide Supplier Network

We’ve developed a network of suppliers from around the globe. Each one has been chosen because they offer high-quality materials at competitive prices, while maintaining best-in-class turnaround time and technical support.

An Ability To Find Materials

This global network gives us the ability to scour the globe in search of what you need. National and international relationships give you the edge when materials are hard to find or supplies are running short.

Experienced, Personal Service

We listen and adhere to your specifications, equipment and packaging preferences, and delivery hours. We monitor your shipment, noting delivery schedules and delay alerts, if any. We record lot numbers and archive them for historical reference.

We Handle The Logistics

Paperwork isn’t your job. It’s ours, and we make sure you meet all regulations and requirements. A Certificate of Analysis accompanies each shipment. We also offer safety and handling assistance as well as storage and equipment options.

Guaranteed Reliability: Protect Your Products and Your Reputation

One outcome of a global supply chain is that it’s hard for you to know if your materials are meeting domestic and international standards. But we make sure of that for you.

We provide a wide array of ingredients, chemicals and agents tested and confirmed for products ranging from food applications and industrial cleaners to high-end personal care and specialty products. We emphasize quality control.Ingredients, additives and agents are tested and confirmed for purity and safety. Our suppliers are registered with the FDA and USP and have one or more of the following certifications:

“For over 20 years, our family has been delivering to customers around the world. We’re proud to keep every promise we make.”

Brad Graham | Owner / President — Graham Chemical

Custom Manufacturing So You Can Get What You Need

Sometimes, the chemical or ingredient you need isn’t available. That’s why we’ve contracted with trusted manufacturers to create the right chemical.

Chemical manufacturing equipment

Our Custom Manufacturing Network

Our network includes an extensive portfolio of technologies and top-of-the-line reactors, evaporators, spray dryers, and particle processing equipment, available to produce your new complex molecules utilizing multi-step synthesis. Our sales and technical professionals work side by side with you to understand your process and develop the chemical that meets your specifications and standards.

You know your market. You know what your work demands. If we can’t find it, we’ll find a way.

Our Mission

Everything we do is built around providing the most effective sourcing, distribution, logistics, and service to our clients. It’s what we’ve built our mission around.

  • To be a leading global distributor of specialty chemicals
  • To provide outstanding technical and customer service that far exceeds our competition
  • To offer reliability, efficiency, flexibility, and the highest quality standards at competitive prices
  • To add value to our customers’ products through consistent innovation and improvement of our products
  • To listen to and understand the needs of our customers, vendors, and employees
  • To work in a successful team environment with our customers, vendors, and employees
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A Global Supplier.
Multiple Warehouse Locations Nationally.

As a leading global distributor of specialty chemicals. Our Mission is to offer reliability, efficiency, flexibility, and the highest quality standards at competitive prices

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Focus on creating. We’ll make sure you have the material you need to keep building.

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