About Graham Chemical

Decades of service. Decades of expertise. A commitment to each other.

A Family Company With a Global Reach

In 1998, Graham Chemical started in a small bedroom in Brad Graham’s house. We knew that there was a better way to manage the import and distribution of food and speciality chemicals. There had been shortages, delays, and other frustrations.

We wanted to fix that.

From that launch, we grew: slowly, with intent. Our team was eight people, with a few more across the country. Our small size allowed us to perfect the customer experience, because our family treated everyone like family.

We’re bigger now. But we’ve maintained our family focus. We’ve maintained that focus on our clients. And we’ve kept working to make import and distribution better, every day.

“I’ve been working here for 15 years.”

Why? Because I like being challenged to do good work with great people who genuinely care. That’s what makes Graham my family.”

Employee — Graham Chemical

Work At a Company That Cares About You

At Graham Chemical, you’ll be challenged to do your best. You’ll be challenged to build something of your own. You’ll be empowered to use your own creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and drive. And you’ll be part of a company that is committed to each other.

Support. Stability. No corporate environment. Check out how you can grow in a growing company.
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Warehouse workers shaking hands

Loyal to Each Other; Loyal To Our Customers

What would you do to be six weeks faster than the competition?

With Graham Chemical, all you have to do is sit down with us. We get to know you, understand what you are planning, and work with you to make it work for the coming year. That entails:

  • Learning your business forecast
  • Planning your long-range requirements
  • Scoping out the global supply chain
  • Monitoring spikes and drops in usage
  • Planning for the long-term
  • Adjusting to immediate shocks

We don’t just deliver goods

We deliver stability, speed, reliability, and peace of mind.

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Focus on creating. We’ll make sure you have the material you need to keep building.

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